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For crows feet, forehead lines and frown lines. 
 Treatment lasts between 3 - 6 months and prices include a free top up after two weeks.  
Dermal Fillers
For treatment of deep facial lines such as marionette lines, frown lines, smokers' wrinkles and scars.  One treatment shows instant results.  Lasts up to one year. 
Lip Fillers
​Enhance and define your lips, we offer a variety of different fillers and techniques suiting individual needs.

Cheek Fillers and Under Eye Bags (Tear Trough) 

To give your overall face a natural lift with definition at the cheek bones.

Excessive sweating treatments with botox injections from £300, under the arms - free from sweat patches 

Health Advice

Being trained medical professionals we can offer advice on all matters of health ranging from healthy eating, controlling blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, skin issues, menopause management and h more. Book in for a free consultation.

Skin care and hair rejuvenation producton  Coming soon, a list of specialist products not on the high street. 




Price List

Anti wrinkle Injections


Starting at £120.00 per area 

                   £185 two areas,

                   £220 three areas.


Lip Fillers ........................starting from £200


Cheek Fillers ...................starting from £350


Marionette Lines...............starting from £150


Smokers wrinkles..............starting from £100


Under eye bags................. starting from £200


Full face lift combining fillers and wrinkle injections starting from £400


Anti sweating injections using Botox starting at £400.00


We offer bespoke packages based on expert advice 

We offer discounts to wedding parties and special occasions 

10 % off 

We offer loyalty points and discounts to returning customers

If you refer a friend we will give you 25% of your next treatment !!
















Some of our treatments

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